Thawing permafrost accelerates CO2 emissions

27 June 2024
VU earth scientist Jorien Vonk researches permafrost. „If the permafrost thaws further, a huge amount of CO2 could be released.” 

'Pitching to the founder of Tesla was like playing a role in my own movie'

Redactie VU Magazine3 March 2024
Alumnus in Physics and Science, Business and Innovation, Jardo Stammeshaus, is making significant strides with his startup Liion Power.

'Financial advice should be accessible to everyone'

Marjolein de Jong27 November 2023
„It's not right that personal financial advice is only available to the wealthy,” argues Ehsan Ramezanifar.

VU lecturer Petra Verdonk: ‘Criticising your own organisation is frowned upon’

Marjolein de Jong15 May 2023
Senior lecturer Petra Verdonk is proud to call herself a climate activist and is now also fighting the climate crisis during office hours.

Every day I think: ‘This world is screwed’

Marjolein de Jong22 May 2022
Every day, VU alumnus Michel Scholte (35), examines the issue of how the economy should be changed to prevent the further destruction of the world.

This alumnus fights food waste in the hospitality industry

Marjolein de Jong5 April 2022
Alumnus Olaf van der Veen uses a smart food waste monitor to fight against waste in the hospitality industry.

'Sustainability and commerce can reinforce each other'

Marjolein de Jong12 January 2022
With MOYU, his reusable notebook start-up, Paul Sintnicolaas (28) is contributing to creating a better world.

How this VU start-up is conquering the online fashion world

Marjolein de Jong27 September 2021
VU alumni Ugnius Rimsa and Michael Musandu offer virtual models that customers can adjust to match their own likeness.

From waste to cooking oil

Marjolein de Jong27 June 2021
VU alumnus Sander Breedveld saves avocados from rotting in the rubbish bin.

‘Super coffee’ helps you get through the day

Marjolein de Jong26 May 2021
VU alumnus Stefan Wateler aims to conquer the world with coffee capsules with added vitamins and superfoods.