Alumni Stories

'I learned from Kierkegaard: anxiety is a teacher'

Marjolein de Jong18 January 2021
When studying Pedagogy at VU Amsterdam, Geert Jan Blanken became fascinated by the work of Kierkegaard; a fascination that never left him.

Migraines have a grip on Mariëtte's life

Marjolein de Jong2 May 2019
Because of her migraines Mariëtte had to give up on her dreams: "I still hope for a miracle drug."

A healthy breakfast? Try pie!

Marjolein de Jong2 May 2019
Berend Eberson hopes to encourage the rest of the Netherlands to get their day off to a healthy start by eating cauliflower.

From citrus peel to currant bun

Marjolein de Jong13 November 2018
‘Peel farmer’ and VU Chemistry alumnus Sytze van Stempvoort (24) has developed a sustainable initiative with his company PeelPioneers, which processes

5 solutions for traffic problems you haven’t heard of yet

Loïs Hijzelendoorn22 October 2018
Are you as tired of heavy traffic as we are? On average, half a million people are caught in a traffic jam every day. Despite the multitude of new


Renske Vermeijden15 September 2015
Human Movement researcher at the UMCG, Femke Hoekstra, conducts research into how people with a disability can benefit more from an active lifestyle.